Convention – “Pocket Beaches dal Monitoraggio alla Gestione”

Ragusa Ibla, Sicilia, 3 – 5 June 2019, Auditorium San Vincenzo Ferreri, Conference – “POCKET BEACHES DAL MONITORAGGIO ALLA GESTIONE”.

The main purpose of the conference is to involve various scientific and technical communities to share their knowledge, with the aim to identify new environment monitoring models and advanced beach management methods, to find out innovative techniques and best risk mitigation practices.

To register for the conference you can use the following link:

Locandina – Pocket Beaches dal Monitoraggio alla Gestione

BESS e GNRAC II circolare convegno Pocket Beaches

Comunicato Stampa, Gazzetta del Sud Messina, 12 maggio 2019

Comunicato stampa, Comune di Ragusa, 30 maggio 2019